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Inspiration/Execution: Plaid Perfection

Happy Friday!

A good friend of mine sent me ‘the inspiration’ image a few weeks ago and it’s stuck with me this entire time. How incredibly chic does Henar of Oh My Vogue look??! I loved her pairings and definitely wanted to recreate the look but with my own spin on it. I like the idea of incorporating a denim shirt into the mix, making the ensemble a bit more casual and more my speed.

How do you plan to don plaid? It’s all the rage for fall, so sound off!

  Inspiration :: Execution
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Boom! Goes the dynamite

I really should’ve known better. Target x designer collaborations have been sell-outs for a few years now, so naturally the pieces that I want end up selling out in-store and online. I should’ve been there at the store waiting for them to open. Alas, it’s too late to sing the ‘shoulda, coulda, woulda’s! Nevertheless, I’ll show you what I had in mind for that sweater and what I’ll do if I never get my hands on one!
Boom! Goes the dynamite
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