My Summer Staples

It’s been a while, friends, I know. This summer was particularly busy for me! Between traveling, researching family history, starting Curly Conversations, and just plain old Blogger’s block, I’ve managed to neglect Theory & Practice. Fear not! I’m back on the scene (with gangsta’ lean!) and ready to talk about my summer staples.
This summer was an odd one, weather-wise, in the Bay Area. It ended up being mostly cooler days, with a sprinkle of warm and hot ones, so one had to check the weather daily and dress accordingly. Checkout three of my summer faves below. Yes, I wore boots and blazers this summer. City adventures practically required them, with it’s cold and windy days!
My Summer Staples
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4 thoughts on “My Summer Staples

  1. Love the looks! Specially the red dress and the necklace to go with it looks so lovely and colorful! Thanks for sharing 🙂
    Do visit my blog as well :

  2. Victoria says:

    I HAVE THAT OLD NAVY SHIRT!!!! I have yet to post the outfit……hooray for coming back on the scene!

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