Safari Chic

I so lucked up on this outfit. After debating over three other ensembles while getting ready for the Raheem DeVaughn concert, I finally had a spark for an outfit. FINALLY! You know that desperate feeling you have when you’re standing with your bath towel around you, in front of your closet, with no clue of what to wear or the time to ponder? Yeah, that was me. And then the idea for this outfit hit me — and not a moment too soon.

The concert was good– once it got started. 2 hours later. Let me tell you, standing in 4-inch heels for 2 hours irritated me to no end. My feet were mutinous by the time they opened the doors to be seated and I thought for sure they’d detach from body in defiance. But, you know, Raheem sounded good.

Jacket: Old Navy;  Skirt: Torrid;  Tank: Forever 21;  Shoes: Torrid;  Clutch: Macy’s;  Necklace: Old Navy

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4 thoughts on “Safari Chic

  1. juliette says:

    Nice outfit but my favorite thing is your hair – it looks SO CUTE! Pinned up twist out or what? This cute looks amazing – been meaning to comment on it but I always forget – and this particular styling is very elegant – it compliments the outfit so perfectly. The safari jacket is proving to be really versatile, I would not have thought of this….

    • J. Nicole says:

      I know! I was surprised that the jacket went as well as it did. Thank you for the hair compliment! Currently, my hair is cut in an asymetrical style and I use Keracare Natural Textures’ curling custard to get my curls defined.

  2. Primus says:

    You do safari so well and I love your comments on the high heels. I am a new follower via Bloglovin.

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