Monday Mood-Lifter

I’m never happy about Mondays. Ever. When an unfamiliar face, going to unnamed floor exclaims “Happy Monday!” on the elevator, I cringe. Monday, you rub me the wrong way. But this outfit made Monday feel less cringe-worthy and lifted my mood (by a modicum).

Old Navy’s Boyfriend Skinny Cropped cut of jeans and khakis are perfect for the summer workdays ahead. Currently, my tally of  skinny cropped pants hovers around four, with intentions of growing exponentially (especially now that jeans are on sale for $19!). Throw them on with a blazer, flats, and a printed top and you’ve got an instant work ensemble. I tossed in a few bangles and hoop earrings for good measure.

Top: JCP (here); Jeans: Old Navy (here); Blazer: Forever 21 (Similar here); Shoes: Payless (Similar here)

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2 thoughts on “Monday Mood-Lifter

  1. juliette says:

    CUTE top! And I so feel you on Mondays….I feel that way almost every week but I’m trying to improve. Not working so far……

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