Stripes & Other Likes

I like stripes. A lot. I hash tagged a tweet about a week ago #stripesonstripesonstripes because I realized I’d worn stripes three days in a row. Yes, you read that right, THREE days in a row! I may need a stripe-tervention, but until then I will wear the heck out of my nautical stripes because I love them so.

Guess who has boat shoes?! I have boat shoes! I finally took the plunge and purchased my first pair. After poring over three pairs from Zappos, I chose the platinum metallic Sperry Angelfish. So when the weather settles on the warmer end, I’ll swap the boots for the boat shoes. And just as I’m swapping out shoes, I may swap perfumes as well. My current signature scent is Chanel’s Chance Eau Tendre, but as I was skimming through the March issue of Marie Claire recently, I came across something intoxicating. Enter See by Chloe. With notes of apple blossom, jasmine, and sandalwood, See by Chloe has been described as an energetic floral — and rightly so. I made my way to Sephora, aka the sample mecca, and promptly requested a sample. I’m taking it for a test drive currently and I like what I smell! I might pony up and get the full bottle.

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8 thoughts on “Stripes & Other Likes

  1. Courtney says:

    Gorgeous look you’ve put together. I love stripes too!

  2. Victoria says:

    May the stripes intersect and become a plaid!

  3. juliette says:

    This outfit is cute – love the color combo. I’m a stripe girl too!

  4. Primus says:

    You look well dressed! I have a love/hate relationship with Stripes but I have a few pieces that I wear often. The scents I am in love with right now are: Gucci Guilty & Insolence by Guerlain . I am a new follower of your blog…

    • J. Nicole says:

      Hello there! Thanks for following and taking the time to comment. Why do you find that you have a love/hate with stripes? Also, I’ll need to check out Gucci Guilty & Insolence!! I’m always on the look out for a great perfume.

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