Oh So Nautical

Don’t judge me.

I’ve had this dress hanging in my closet for about a month, but avoided wearing it because I needed to shave my legs. BAD. I’m serious! I showed my gym buddy, LM, my legs post-shave and she proclaimed that she was thisclose to telling me to shave. So taking full advantage of my smooth gams, I cut the tags off this dress and took it for a spin, and I’m so glad I did! This dress went swimmingly with my jean jacket, boots, and golden scarf.

Dress: Old Navy, Jean Jacket: Gap, Boots: Duo, Scarf: Groupon Goods, Bag: Coach, Belt: ASOS

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2 thoughts on “Oh So Nautical

  1. juliette says:

    This is really really cute! I just dug out my jean jacket since it might be spring so I’ll be copying this – I just need to find my yellow scarf, LOL! LOVE the hair!

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