Know Your Nude

“You should do a post on nude pumps! I have the hardest time finding a true nude pump,” my friend AB lamented while she made cookies and sipped wine. And when I made my way to work the following Monday and chatted with my friend-worker LG, she echoed AB’s sentiments. AB and LG are on opposite sides of the complexion spectrum with AB hailing from Liberia and LG from Russia, but they both had the same issue! So AB & LG, this posts for you — and my fellow readers! Check out the impressive nude spectrum below.
Nuts about Nude
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3 thoughts on “Know Your Nude

  1. juliette says:

    Thanks for posting this! I’m always amazed at the number of people who think that “nude” means pink……..

  2. Victoria says:

    Nice spectrum! I agree, nudes must come in many shades, like the multicultural Crayola Crayon collection. Surprisingly, I found my perfect nude at Target!

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