Birthday Suit

December 24 marked my 30+1 birthday!!  The night before, I consciously made the decision to create an alternative outfit out of pieces I already owned. That’s right, no new birthday threads for this gal (even though I had new ASOS stuff hanging in the closet!) I love my Simply Be tuxedo blazer, but for whatever reason, it doesn’t get the wear time it deserves so I chose to use it as an outfit building block.  Paired with my Harry Potter spells t-shirt (yes, you read that right, Harry Potter!), skinny jeans, and pointed toe pumps I had a achieved my alternative birthday suit! I rounded out the ensemble with a red lip and matching cuff.

What say you? Was this outfit brought from theory to practice successfully? How would you have worn the Simply Be blazer?


5 thoughts on “Birthday Suit

  1. juliette says:

    You look great and so does your HAIR!

  2. Such a cool outfit! You look great!

  3. Courtney says:

    Love it!

  4. Crystal Ellis says:


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