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Know Your Nude

“You should do a post on nude pumps! I have the hardest time finding a true nude pump,” my friend AB lamented while she made cookies and sipped wine. And when I made my way to work the following Monday and chatted with my friend-worker LG, she echoed AB’s sentiments. AB and LG are on opposite sides of the complexion spectrum with AB hailing from Liberia and LG from Russia, but they both had the same issue! So AB & LG, this posts for you — and my fellow readers! Check out the impressive nude spectrum below.
Nuts about Nude
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Birthday Suit

December 24 marked my 30+1 birthday!!  The night before, I consciously made the decision to create an alternative outfit out of pieces I already owned. That’s right, no new birthday threads for this gal (even though I had new ASOS stuff hanging in the closet!) I love my Simply Be tuxedo blazer, but for whatever reason, it doesn’t get the wear time it deserves so I chose to use it as an outfit building block.  Paired with my Harry Potter spells t-shirt (yes, you read that right, Harry Potter!), skinny jeans, and pointed toe pumps I had a achieved my alternative birthday suit! I rounded out the ensemble with a red lip and matching cuff.

What say you? Was this outfit brought from theory to practice successfully? How would you have worn the Simply Be blazer?