Closet Covets

So here are some pieces that I’d like to add to my closet. At first glance, it seems like three different women chose these items, which I find interesting.

The fox sweater from Sugarhill Boutique is really out of my fashion comfort zone. When I first came across the animal sweater fall trend, I cringed! I vehemently opposed the owls, foxes, and other forest fauna that found their way onto perfectly good sweaters. And then I happened upon this beauty with it’s graphically simplistic fox and immediately reconsidered my opposition. Fox sweater, you have swayed me.

A yellow & tan clutch just goes with everything. Well, it goes with everything in my closet, anyway, and  it goes with at least 3 things from this post! With the fox sweater, the clutch dons a quirky-cool vibe. Paired with the bird print shirt dress it brings an element of chicness, while with the leather jacket, a pop of fun.

I’m riding the tail end of a teal wave. I have a teal dress, teal pants, and to round out the collection, I could use a teal blazer. I’m just waiting for that bad boy to go on sale and then I’m all over it. Yup, that’s how I roll.

Lastly, the Joe Browns All Seasons Cape. I’m in love with the rugged, utility look of the cape and I’m pretty sure it’s because it feels like an experiment in opposites. Capes have an air of sophistication about them. When I think of capes, I think of Upper East Side women on a crisp fall day, dashing off to somewhere fabulous. So to see this one lined in plaid and trimmed in fur, looking oh so outdoorsy, and it makes me think that I could be outdoorsy. Wishful thinking, as anyone who knows me knows I’m not that kind of girl. Nevertheless, it’s a great casual cape.

Closet Covets

Closet Covets by theoryandpractice featuring sugarhill boutique

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