Celebrating a 1/2 Century

Back in August my dad turned the big 5 – 0 (book’em Dano! Sorry, I couldn’t help myself) and family and friends gathered at 1300 on Fillmore for a surprise party. These days, actual, for real surprise parties are hard to come by, as there’s always a party guest spilling the beans. This was not the case. My dad showed up and was truly surprised at the sight of family and friends all gathered for his big day. We ate. We drank. We celebrated a life that has been blessed in its 50 years. And we toasted to 50 more. We also saw Fillmore Slim perform. Don’t know who Fillmore Slim is? Check his Wikipedia entry, it is quite the read. On to my outfit — after all, this is a fashion blog!

I decided to debut my newly acquired ASOS Curve Skater Skirt with a royal purple button down blouse. There was a brief battle as to which top I would wear with my skirt. The contender, a polka dot boat-neck sweater from Old Navy, showed real heart, but in the end I wanted a look that was a little more sophisticated w/ an edge and a little less quirky-cute.  What say you? Did I achieve the ‘sophisticated w/an edge’ look?

Blouse: Lane Bryant
Skirt: ASOS Curve
Hoisery: Avenue
Shoes: Payless


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2 thoughts on “Celebrating a 1/2 Century

  1. Weesha says:

    First of all, you’re dad makes 50 look GOOD! Secondly, you look beautiful in purple and that skirt, I think I’d be constantly twirling if I ever got my hands on it haha!

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