Arm Candy

My co-worker Travis is an enabler. He has enabled me to obsess over watches, once again. We email each other the watches that we’re coveting. Below are a few that I sent over to him, to which he replied “…you must like bright colors.” Why, yes sir, I do!  The one I’m currently wearing is the top middle watch by Invicta. I love the color on the hands! That detail alone sold me on the watch — well that and the Groupon price I got it for ($70).  I plan to add the playful Nooka Zub Zibi Zirc to my collection by mid-summer. Have you heard of Nooka? If not, you should definitely check them out. They have an interesting take on time telling, but beware, there may be a learning curve to telling time on a Nooka watch. As for the Michele and Bulova watches, those will have to wait until I really feel like treating myself!

Arm Candy

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2 thoughts on “Arm Candy

  1. Georgette says:

    Welcome back gurl! Missed your posts! Live the watches! I’m not a watch girl at all! The last one I had was a Swatch! LOL

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