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Crushing on Coral

My friend Rose could quite possibly be my fashion partner in crime. We’re always talking fashion & beauty, bouncing ideas and newly acquired pieces off of each other. She mentioned today that she picked up a beautiful coral scarf which inspired this coral-themed post (and the hunt for MY coral scarf…somewhere in Narnia, perhaps.) What I love about coral is that it is the perfect balance of pink, peach, and orange. I’m already dreaming up color palettes that include coral for my spring wardrobe!

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Outfit of the Day: Sunday, Run Around Day

Ah, Sundays. Like so many, it is also my day of errands. This Sunday, I decided to take my new black military jacket for a spin whilst preparing for the week. I typically don’t do a green/black combo because I feel it’s a little too — I don’t know — Elphaba-ish? Today, though, I figured “eh, why not?”

Jacket: Torrid                   Tank: Old Navy
Jeans: Forever 21            Shoes: Jessica London
Scarf: Hudson News       Handbag: Calvin Klein Vienna Doctor Bag

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